The World of Nickair75

Welcome to the 1st post of my blogging life, you may be wondering what you will find in here and I can tell you it will probably contain lots about trainers, sneakers, crepes or whatever you like to call them. You will also find a fair bit on my new found love of running, yes running!! I can’t actually believe it myself but it’s true!!

So who is Nickair75

Keeping it short, I am Nick Newman with 38 years of life experience! I have worked in sports retail for over 20 years,which is probably where my love of footwear has come from. I enjoy most sports and played league cricket for 20 years, I even played a season of Cricket in Australia which was an experience I will never forget! Also if your reading this I am currently looking for a new employer, having had a pretty bad year through various reasons I decided I needed a change and resigned from my job, this is also where the running came into play!

Any footwear related post will without a doubt have reference to Nike, a brand I have always favoured, it is just something about their product and innovation that has brainwashed me over the years, I have tried to wear others brands like New Balance and Asics but whenever I look down and don’t see the swoosh my head takes over! There is also the matter of the shape of the shoe, Nike fit the shape of my feet nicely and after all what’s the point of having shoes that don’t fit you and after all you only get one pair of feet so you need to look after them!

This is one of the nicest pictures of me that I could find and one of me not pulling some daft face which always seems to happen even when I think I look normal.


That’s it for now, keep well and see you soon!

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