Shoe Boxes, part of the shoe or not?

A lot of people throw the shoe box away when they get a new pair of trainers but for some people, myself included the shoe box can be an integral part of a shoe release, don’t get me wrong for the most part it is just a box and after all you don’t wear the box and the important issue is the shoe that is inside it. But every now and then a shoe is released where the brand pay special attention to the packaging and more often than not this gets my attention, I am a sucker for special boxes and often makes me try that bit harder to get a new release.

Another use for the box that most people forget about is storage, I collect trainers/sneakers and have roughly 100 pairs, how would you store that many pairs without the box?? I have friends that have double if not treble the amount of shoes that I have and the box aids storage, it is so much easier the stack boxes on top of each other than it is loose pairs!

For me the kings of attention to detail are Nike and without further ado I give you some of my favourite boxes over the last few years!

Nike Air Max 1 X Clot “Kiss of Death 2”




Nike Lebron XI “Forging Iron”



Air Jordan1 X Dave White “Wings For The Future”


Nike Lunar Elite Trail Mid “A/F/E Collection”


Air Jordan V “3lab5”


Nike Cortez “Art&Sole by Intercity”


Nike Air Max 1 SP France


Nike Air Max 1 Woven SP “Roundel”


Air Jordan 5 Retro Premio


I will end by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and here's to a great sneaker filled 2014!!

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