Counterfeit Footwear

If it is made it can be counterfeited and footwear is no exception, there are fakes everywhere you just need to know what to look for, but every person that does there is another dozen if not more who don’t. And without being cruel if you don’t know you don’t know.

Another issue is buying online, obviously you have all the reputable retailers where you know you are buying genuine product but there are sites that sell counterfeit product and these sites are out to fool the uneducated. They often use genuine product in the pictures or catalogue photos on the site and then send out a far inferior product, they also often come from China or somewhere else in the Far East.

Here is an example of a fake site and a few things to look for

1. All the shoes of the same style have the same RRP and are all heavily reduced to the same price.
2. The RRP is highly inflated
3. You are seeing colours of shoes that do not exist ( see next link of the Yeezy’s)
4. The site looks cheap.
5. For this site in particular they claim they own the trademarks and are they are the manufacturer.

Now for the Yeezy’s

As far as the Yeezy’s are concerned for me the easiest thing to look at is colours, there was only 3 colours of the Yeezy 1 and to date only 2 colours released of the Yeezy 2, although that could change if the “Red Octobers” ever release!

Only 2 things I will say about the Yeezy link and they are, colourway’s do not exist and they cost £56! I also have one thing to say about price and that will come at the end of the post!

Market Stalls

There are numerous Sunday markets that happen in and around London every weekend and these are rife with counterfeit product. The biggest thing I would think is where they got the products from, do you really think the biggest sporting brands would give an account to market traders, it’s hard enough for a bricks and mortar retailer to get one! I have known some market traders and I know some do have genuine product which they have bought from shops where I have worked I just want you to be cautious if your ever at a market and see that one pair of shoes your after!

When at a market have a look for the following signs.

1. Price, nice and cheap??
2. Shape of the shoe, with the internet readily available it is very easy to go onto a retailers site to compare the shape.
3. The material of counterfeit product is often very inferior.
4. Shoes are available that sold out a long time ago.
5. The quality of the box and the font on the box label, the font is often bigger than what is found on genuine product. Here is a comparison, the top picture is counterfeit, notice the font size and the white boarder around the label.

Genuine Box Label


6. Compare the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number on the box to the one on the tongue label. For Nike this is a 6 digit number followed by another 3 digits


7. You can also google the sku number to check what the product should be, counterfeit product will often have an sku that relates to another product or one that just does not exist.
8. Check the colour description on the box to the shoe inside it the box.
9. Is there a box, a lot of fakes do not come with a box.
10. If you question the trader on authenticity of the product you can often judge by his/her response how genuine the product is.
11. Sizing and fit can be very bad, ask to try them on and feel for yourself, sizes can vary in the same brand but you can tell when you put a counterfeit product on your feet, counterfeit can often be very big.

And last but by no means least I get to eBay

eBay has become the go to site for so many releases these days and with this there are even more listings carrying counterfeit product. Here are a few things I look for before I buy on eBay, I have also been the recipient of fake footwear before I have the knowledge I do now, we just have to learn from our mistakes.

1. Are the seller and location of product in the same country?
2. Look at the sellers feedback, if there is any mention of fakes then don’t touch.
3. Are the product pictures taken from another site, I know this doesn’t prove anything but it makes me think they are hiding something.
4. Ask for other pictures if you think the ones posted aren’t good enough, most genuine people will help out, not always though.
5. Price.

Before I show you some of the counterfeit shoes I have seen over the last few months I will say the following. Some people don’t know they have purchased fakes, some people are happy to buy fakes as they are much cheaper than genuine product and with the ever inflating prices of shoes these days can you blame them, but the thing I hate the most is people that have purchased shoes believing they have bought the genuine product but what can we really do about it, not much! I would like to see eBay do more to remove listings that have been reported(many by me) only for the listing to end with a winner bidder, but do eBay really care???

Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for my Fake Gallery, these are pictures that I have taken when I have been out and about and have spotted dodgy footwear. Being a Nike trainer geek I can’t help but look at peoples feet when I’m out and I have found some shockers. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some will leave you thinking WTF or that’s actually not a bad colourway.









I have saved the best till last and now I give you The Air Jordan 3 Max 360 ( patent pending on that name)


And now I give you the one sentence that can help you in the world of counterfeits.


Feel free to hit me up on twitter (@nickair75) if you ever have any doubts and I will help if I can, if I can’t tell I will probably know someone who will.

Keep Well and I will see you soon!

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