Nike Air Tech Challenge “Grand Slam Pack”

My latest post was going to be a latest pick up post but I thought I would make it a mini feature post on the Nike Air Tech Challenge Tennis shoe.

When we heard that Andre Agassi was back at Nike we all knew that there would be plenty of his classic footwear re-released in both OG colourway’s and in new make ups!

The 3 shoes feature in this post are part of a 4 shoe pack called the “Grand Slam Pack” ( I said 4 shoe pack and used the name Grand Slam but these are both assumptions,Ive not actually seen anything about a name or the amount of shoes in the pack but seeing as there are 4 Grand Slams I can’t be far wrong.

So far Nike have treated us to 3 shoes all released in conjunction with their respective Grand Slam. First to drop in 2013 was the “Wimbledon” Edition released only in London at select retailers and at which is where I snagged my pair from. Second to drop was “New York” which was only released in New York which meant I had to go the eBay route and finally the “Australia” which released yesterday at London’s finest Trainer boutique “Footpatrol” if you haven’t checked them out before they are well worth the visit if your ever in London, alternatively you can check out their website

Nike Air Tech Challenge “Wimbledon”
White/White-Black 621358 110



Nike Air Tech Challenge “New York”
Black/Black-Lt Photo Blue 621358 004





Nike Air Tech Challenge “Australia”<
White/White-Vivid Blue-Sulphur Orange 621358 100






As much as I Love all 3 pairs I can’t help but think why Nike have paid so much more detail to the Australia Edition than any of the other two, for starters the “1036” on the heel panel relate to Agassi’s total career wins and the 95,00,01,03 on the tongue are a reference to his Australian Open Titles, one possibility is that these are first of the releases that are Tier Zero whereas the other have been Quickstrikes. Details aside all 3 of these shoes are very nice quality which is something I like to moan about, just wish other Nike models followed suit.

Family Shot and a few on the foot shots








I must end by making a little statement regarding the midsole tooling of the Air Tech Challenge and that Nike didn’t take it from the Yeezy 2 as I have heard this far to often from various people,it is actually the other way round, they used the Tech Challenge tooling to build the Yeezy 2.
Just had to get that of my chest!

Bye for now and remember rock your kicks!!

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