Nike Zoom Fly Product review.

For my latest blog post I thought I would do a product review, seeing as I’m running so much I thought it appropriate that I’d review a running shoe, this review is on the Nike Zoom Fly (630915-706)

I do my main training runs of 10k+ in the Nike Lunarglide+5 which works perfectly for me but I wanted a shoe that was lighter that also had a lower firmer profile for a quicker heel to toe transition. Every little helps when trying to get a PB.

My stats

Height: 172cm
Weight: 80kg’s or 12.59 Stone
Gait: Over Pronator

So my Nike Zoom Fly’s arrived yesterday and I took them out for their first run today, but before I get into my review a little tech info on the shoe.


Full BRS1000(Carbon rubber) outsole in the adapted waffle pattern, this provides great traction and excellent durability. Integrated crash pad to help absorb the initial impact. Strategically placed flex groves to help natural motion.


The shoe features Nike’s Dynamic Support system which has replaced the medial post allowing the shoe to be lighter and more flexible, it also allows the shoe to adapt to every stride for every foot as not all feet react in the same way even if those feet are both yours. The midsole is a combination of Cushlon which is located in the lateral heel of the midsole, it is softer and helps absorb the forces applied on first contact. The Cushlon is combined with phylon which is the firmer partner in the midsole set up and provides the support, this is found predominantly found on the medial side of the shoe. You also find a Zoom Air Unit in the forefoot for a low profile responsive ride.


The upper is constructed with Sandwich mesh which is lightweight and very breathable, you also find strategically placed no sew overlays which are attached to the laces for a structured and supportive fit. This also makes the upper very adaptive for everyone’s individual needs. No sew construction features to ensure a nice plush fit, the plush fit is also aided by layers being fused together instead of stitched. 3M reflective hits are found on the heal and tongue for high visibility in low level lighting.


When the shoes arrived I was initially very happy with the weight of the shoe, I normally use the Nike Lunarglide +5 and wanted a lighter shoe, so the first part of my criteria had been passed. But one thing that did worry me was that the midsole tooling looked very similar to that of the Structure 17, I had recently bought the Structure 17 for some more forefoot cushioning but I found them to far to stiff, I used them for one run and my feet were not to happy with me. I was hoping that the Zoom Fly being a lower profile shoe it wouldn’t be so stiff, thankfully they weren’t.

So this morning I laced them up and my initial thoughts were that the overall fit was great other than the forefoot felt a bit wide for me, I overcame that but putting my double strike Sorbathane insole in to the shoe( I did remove the fitsole that came with the shoe) the fit was now spot on, so far so good, but the proof would come when I was running and not just walking around the house. Seeing as I want to use these for my 5km Park Runs on a Saturday morning and possibly 10k’s I set my Nike Running App for 5k, set my music and off I went.

Straight away I was feeling how much difference the lower/firmer profile midsole made, to some this may sound strange but I actually felt that my heel to toe transition was a lot quicker, it was probably only milliseconds but I really felt the difference, they also felt smoother, both are very important factors in a race shoe. One of my fears of using a race shoe was that it wouldn’t give me enough support or cushioning being so much lower than what I was used to, these fears have now gone and I am very happy with this shoe.

Overall these are a very nice lightweight shoe that fit me very well(well after putting my insole in) they have a very smooth heel to toe transition and are firm enough to give me the support I need for my shorter runs but not to firm that the shoe was too stiff like the Structure 17 was. The upper weight is spot on and not too light that it’s doesn’t hold my foot down on the midsole, the overlays work well with the laces and aid the support in my midfoot, my foot had a perfect lock down!

Very happy with these and I look forward in using them tomorrow on my Saturday Morning 5k Park Run, will I get a new PB?? If I do you can be sure it will be posted on every social networking platform that I’m on.

Finally a few pictures of the shoe in the review.








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