Flyknit Fever.

Another reason why I like Nike product so much is that they do not rest on their laurels when it comes to product design, they are continually looking to innovate to help athletes be the best that they can be, for me this extends from performance into style as well. Nike have a habit of designing products for athletes that also appeal to style minded people, let’s face it their product does look good no matter whether you are using it for the purpose of which it was designed or on the street as fashion.

One of the latest innovations that has come out of the Innovation Kitchen is a new material used in the upper of a shoe called Flyknit.

Keeping it simple Flyknit has enabled Nike to create a one piece upper that is not only very light but very form fitting. Being one piece you have a plush seamless fit as you don’t have the traditional panels of a shoe stitched together nor do you have overlays stitched on.

Here are a couple of links which will be of interest.

Introducing Nike Flyknit

The Story Behind Nike Fkyknit

The first of any Flyknit shoe to be releases were a highly limited HTM release of a Lunar Flyknit, only 100 pairs of this shoe were releases and I got number 28/100, it only took 7 hours of queuing outside Nike’s East London based 1948 Store. Unfortunately after this first the release the dark side of the sneaker world took control of these drops with people queuing 24+ to buy to resell! some of the HTM Flyknits sold for over £1000 on they secondary market! I managed to get a few more but had help.

Nike Lunar Flyknit HTM 28/100


My HTM Flyknit Family






Away from the world of HTM there has been enough releases to keep people happy, models made with a Flyknit upper include Free Flyknit, Flyknit Chukka, Fkyknit Racer, Flyknit Trainer, Flyknit Lunar 1 & 2 and more recently Flyknit has been introduced into Basketball in the form of the Kobe 9.

I have been hooked by Flyknit and have a few pairs of various models and to stop me me from going on and on I will just post the pictures of my collection of Nike Flyknit.










Bill approves of the weight!!


That’s all for for now!

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