New Balance x size? Harrods US574 – Worldwide exclusive

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I am doing a short blog post that has nothing to do with the swoosh!! When you manage to lift yourself of the floor feel free to read on!

Harrods are arguably the most famous department store in the world and the fact that Size? as of 14th March 2014 will have a concession housed on the 5th floor speaks volumes for the stature of size? in the multi million pound footwear industry.

To celebrate this event size? have teamed up with New Balance to bring us 2 colourways of the US574 limited to 12 pairs of each colour (sizes 7-11) if you want to know more about the shoes click the link below.

I won’t claim to know much about New Balance but one thing I do know is that they make shoes using quality materials that we all wish other brands would use more frequently, they also manufacture some of their shoes in United States and the United Kingdom which can be a big selling point and also helps keep the industry alive in these countries where others seek cheaper manufacture in countries like China, Indonesia and Vietnam to name a few. Even though I have worked in sports retail for many years I have never come to terms with New Balance’s number system they use to name their shoes, I seem to remember names far easier. If you want to know of someone who knows his New Balance then I would suggest you check out Thomas Lindie and his wordpress, this is a man who knows his 577 from the 1500. The only question I would have about the shoe is why they went for a Made In US over a shoe made in the UK which for me would have made more sense.

Here is a link to one of Thomas’s posts
New Balance 577RRK + 577OOK

Now the real reason for is post is how are Harrods going to handle this extremely limited release. If these were being released at a Size? store it would be a simple straight forward queue outside their stores, simple for the fact that the stores in London have one entrance (Covent Garden has 2 but one won’t be accessible till opening time). Now back to Harrods, they have multiple entrances, and then there are their security guards.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. What entrance do you queue at, will Harrods provide advice at which entrance to queue, will they allow people to queue.
2. I highly doubt the security guards will allow people charging through the store trying to get to the 5th floor first.
3. How will the release work? 1st come first served, will there be a raffle ( nearly typed Ruffle there, some will get that)
4. Will the store limit you to buying your size only or will you be able to choose, some stores will allow a half size either way if your true size has gone. I know if I were to queue and couldn’t get my size I would like to help others who are miles away.
5. Will Harrods have collectors or the dreaded “R” word in the store prior to release planning their route to the department in order to get their first.

Well I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens on the 15th March.

Here are some pictures of the shoes and the proposed store plans.






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