Product Review: adidas Adizero Adios 3

Having run my first marathon this year in the adidas Ultra Boost ST I was looking at ways in which I could improve my performance for my 2nd marathon in Berlin on the 25th September. Training for such an event shouldn’t just contain miles of running, it should also contain other elements to help with overall strength and flexibility, I’ve added swimming and hot yoga to my training, the hot yoga which I do at Fierce Grace in the City has been a godsend!.

As you know your shoes are probably the most important part of your kit so getting them right is key. Although I couldn’t have been happier with the Ultra Boost ST I wonder if a different shoe would aid my drive to improve my marathon time. I had already bought the Adizero Prime for my 5 & 10k runs so I thought that 2 weeks after running the London Marathon I would tackle the Hackney Half in them, maybe a bit daring as they are pretty much opposite to what I was used to, but knowing the work I had done to improve my glute strength I knew that I would be fine, with it being nearly 30 degrees I knew it wouldn’t be a quick run, I finished with my feet intact and with no effects of using a different shoe, wish I could say that for the rest of me, the heat had taken its toll and that’s the polite way of putting it.

Having been out of work for a while I wasn’t in a position to be able to afford another pair of Prime’s so I reached out to the buying director of the company I now work for to see if he could help in any way, the next week I received a phone call from James from adidas, the call was about seeing how they could help me in the lead up to Berlin, they had no stock of the Primes but after chatting for a bit James said that he would send me some pairs to try, I received the Adizero Boston 6 and the Adizero Adios 3.

adidas Adizero Boston 6
adidas Adizero Adios 3


From the title of this post there are no prizes for guessing what shoe I’ve used the most and what will be my go to shoe for the Berlin Marathon.

adidas Adizero Adios 3


Tech info

  • Weight: 230 g (size UK 8.5)
  • boost™’s energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy
  • Open mesh upper for maximum breathability; Synthetic overlays for durable support
  • Coolever mesh lining for superior moisture and heat exchange between the foot and the outside air; TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
  • ADIWEAR™ outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability; Continental™ Rubber outsole for extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Runner type: neutral; Stack height: 27 mm / 18 mm (9 mm differential)
  • Art No AQ2430
  • Sizing: Depending on what you currently use then you would need to go up half a size if you’re already in a adidas shoe and possibly a full size if in another brand . The Adizero range comes up smaller due to the Japanese Focus when creating the range. The fit is snug which minimises any unwanted movement of the foot which can cause irritation through friction and potential energy loss.



Already being a fan of the Boost midsole I had half an idea what to expect from the adios and I wasn’t disappointed, with it being a whopping 98 grams lighter than the Ultra Boost ST I was immediately struck with how light they were on foot, don’t get me wrong lightweight is not always the right weight but in this instance for me it was. Comparing to the Prime which has the exact same tooling I was familiar to how the shoe felt underfoot, the main difference is that the upper of the Prime was Primeknit which I found stretched far too soon and after around 100k’s the upper was pretty much out of shape, Im not saying this a design flaw as I know these are race shoes and not shoes to do most of your miles in, I generally go for performance over durability.

I noticed straight away that the upper of the adios 3 had far more structure to it with the synthetic overlays and my foot felt totally locked onto the midsole, if your foot isn’t locked onto the midsole the shoe pretty much becomes redundant as your foot is not feeling the benefits of what is housed in the midsole and in this case it is the marvel that is Boost which in my eyes is probably the best new innovation that has been released in a long time. With the midsole height being 5mm lower  to the Ultra Boost ST I felt more stable and balanced as I was lower to the ground, the boost midsole was also firmer than the ST which made for a quicker runs. The lower midsole also aided my mission to strike on my mid to forefoot, the difference that has made to my running is bonkers, even after my 20 mile run at the weekend I felt that I had more energy to continue. The shoes that have a higher midsole seem to make me heel strike which is something that I do not want to do as I strive for injury free running(as I said earlier it’s not just about the shoes if you want  to stay injury free, there is a lot of hard work to build up strength where you need it)

Last but not least is the outsole, after all if you don’t have decent traction you’re not going to running very far nor smoothly. The Adiwear outsole  working in conjunction with the Continental™ rubber worked a treat, my run on Saturday has sun and then torrential showers, the outsole performance did not change during the rain as I found out when trying to beat the lights and having to apply the brakes before I ended up imprinted on a car bonnet.

Overall I am very impressed with the Adios 3 and a shoe that I would highly recommend for those that are looking for a lighter shoe for quicker runs, I would also add that I do pronate to some degree and wouldn’t say that everyone who has a similar gait could use this shoe, I have worked hard on my glute, quad and hamstring strength to enable me to change the way I run. BUT if you’re neutral than fill your boots these shoes are great for quicker runs and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

My feet and Adios getting a breather on the bus home.


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