adidas PureBOOST DPR Product review

I have been procrastinating for so long about writing this review, I have no idea why I haven’t done it sooner. Well, I have been a running a fair bit since last year and also serving the fabulous runners of Clapham Junction, I guess that’s a reason?

The PureBOOST DPR is one of the shoes I’ve been running in since June last year and after initial thoughts of them not feeling like I thought they would I have to say that the are one of my favourites right now, I underrated them big time.

When seeing them for the first time I though that they would feel much like the UltraBOOST, a whole mid-sole of boost- surely they would feel the same? I was wrong, I  learnt that only 75% of the mid-sole was boost, later learning that the rubber in the out-sole was included and part of the mid-sole. I now understood why it didn’t have the same soft underfoot feeling of the UltraBOOST. However, I still didn’t really like how they felt.

Then at our Run Club I was given the opportunity to run in a pair as we had adidas along for the night with some various shoes for our running family to try, the DPR being one of them. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tech Sheet (taken from

  • Runner type: Neutral shoes offer flexibility and ground feel with minimal cushioning
  • Boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
  • Knit upper with engineered zones for adaptive fit and premium natural feel
  • Wider platform for natural support during versatile city runs
  • Fitcounter moulded heel counter provides a natural fit that allows optimal movement of the Achilles
  • Weight: 258 g (size UK 8.5)(Nick’s Size)
  • Midsole drop: 8 mm (heel: 24 mm / forefoot: 16 mm)
  • Product code: BB6291

My Thoughts (the important stuff)

As I’ve already said, I got it wrong with this shoe. You really do need to run in a shoe to really get to know it. I’ve run in the DPR so much that i’m on my third pair, so I think I’m in a good position to review them, with both pro’s and cons.

I’ll start with the out-sole. The flexible stretchweb out-sole keeps you firmly on the ground, I found it to have great traction in both wet and dry conditions, a shoe can have all bells and whistles but if you not on your feet the features and there benefits become pretty redundant. You will also find two outriggers for lateral support. ‘Why would a running shoe have lateral support?’ I hear you cry!

The DPR is designed to be an urban running shoe. Maybe you go for runs on your lunch break and have the need to cut in between people walking blinkered to the world around them, heads down looking at their mobile phones, cutting in between lampposts, post boxes and various other obstacles the lunch hour throws at you. The outrigger also gives you a bit of an intro to basketball ball shoes, when on the court your foot needs that lateral support to cope with all the cuts at speed. Virtually all running shoes are designed for forward motion, so if you try and make a cut, your foot isn’t going to be held in place on the mid-sole. This would probably push your foot to overlap the side of the shoe, in terms of performance this takes time and probably isn’t great for you foot either.


Boost. Enough said!

I will say a bit more though just to get geeky with you:

I mentioned that I didn’t initially like the feel of the DPR to stand in nor did I feel was as comfortable as the UltraBOOST. So I did some digging and found that there is a 5mm difference in the heel height between the DPR and UB. The UB has the height advantage. There is also 2mm more boost in the forefoot so its no real surprise that is doesn’t feel as nice. There is a 2mm difference in the stack height between the two race shoes I use (Adidas Adios 3 and Boston 6) and you can really feel the difference in feel between them. I guess every little counts when it comes to comfort and not just when you shop at Asda.


This is the only part of the shoe where I have had just a minor issue, I’ll come back to that.

Firstly I love the wide forefoot, this allows my feet to be able to splay out and not be restricted in any way shape or form. I mid/forefoot strike when I run and these work just fine.

Wide forefoot

The knitted upper removes all possible areas of irritation that traditional shoes can give when using stitched overlays and give a nice plush fit, granted stiched overlays are fast becoming a thing of the past but there are still some shoes that use them. Stiched overlays aren’t a bad thing it just slows production a bit, more components and time are needed during manufacture. Using Aramis technology they are able to adapt the knit in places where some structure is needed.  I’ve not always been the biggest fan of knitted uppers and I feel that they wont hold my foot in place on the upper and/or stretch quickly. I wear the UB for work and for casual use but find the upper too stretchy to run in. That doesn’t stop me from owning numerous pairs though nor does it make it a bad shoe.

The one thing that sometimes bothers me but probably shouldn’t is that I feel that there should be another eyelet. I feel that sometimes my foot isn’t being held in place unless I really pull the laces tight and then I feel restricted and I do have to play around a bit when I put them on to run it but I get there in the end. I usually have to miss the penultimate eyelet or do the loopy thing to bring the collar of the shoe around my ankle a bit tighter, the problem then is that the lace is a bit short, strangly though just on one pair.

Final Thoughts (no I’m not Jerry Springer)

Overall I really enjoy running in the DPR, I have run anything from 5k at my shops Run Club to a half marathon training runs and I have never had any issue with them. I have found them to be a good alternative my normal race shoes when I want a little more cushioning and when its not always about speed. Despite my moans about the upper it works after a bit of lace trickery.

So if you have a neutral gait and want something different to try then I would give these a go. You, like me, could realise that they really are a nice shoe.

All the above are my opinions, naturally some will disagree and some will agree, feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

I have added hyperlinks to all the shoes mentioned so you can have a closer look at them or buy if your tempted!!

Hope you have enjoyed this post, I will try and make them a bit more frequent.

Happy running!


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